Gorilla Windows Installation Process

Free Windows DemoOur entry door and window installations follow a very similar process, although they will be performed by different, specialized crews. Our

crews will arrive in newer, well-maintained trucks, with all the tools necessary to complete the installation. Our installers will introduce themselves to you. Most importantly, the crew will treat your home as if it were their own. Then they will proceed with the installation:

STEP 1: Installers carefully remove existing windows and doors. Old windows and doors are not removed unless new window and doors can be installed at the same time. This ensures that your home will always remain secure.

STEP 2: Your new custom fit windows and doors are professionally installed by our technicians. All windows and doors are made plum and level using cedar shims (if necessary).

STEP 3: Before your new vinyl windows are screwed into the opening, all necessary areas are caulked with polyurethane, inside and out, for a perfect weather-tight seal. We use the best commercial-grade polyurethane caulking that we can find. Our caulking will stay soft and flexible forever, with no drying or cracking like cheap caulk. In fact, our polyurethane doesn’t even “dry” like normal silicone; it cures in a chemical reaction with moisture from the air.

STEP 4: We then insulate around the openings with low-expansion polyurethane foam insulation to ensure that no air or water comes in around the window. Most people don’t realize that when your old window is removed, a “hole” is created in your home that needs to be properly sealed. When the replacement window is inserted, that will be some air space between the old window frame and the new window. This space, if not properly insulated, defeats the purpose of buying energy-efficient windows by allowing cold and heat to infiltrate the home by going around the new window. Sometimes even water works its way around the window.

STEP 5: Installation of the interior trim is the final installation step.

STEP 6: Window and door cleanup. All the stickers are removed from the windows and doors and given to the homeowner.

STEP 7: Complete clean-up. All the old windows and doors are removed from the job site along with excess debris.

STEP 8: Inspection. Lead Installer will review installation with the homeowner, and teach you how to operate your new windows and doors. Upon your compete satisfaction, you will be asked to sign a completion certificate and check off sheet.

STEP 9: We recycle all of the aluminum windows from your home, to help keep more trash out of our landfills.

Common Installation Mistakes and "Short-cuts"

• Using the Wrong Caulk
• Installing caulk improperly (even when it is the correct product) is another common mistake.
• Not caulking in the right places.
• Over packed insulation.
• Not using any kind of insulation when installing a window.